Naked Heart Foundation: Because every child deserves a family

Children flourish in a caring and loving environment [with their families], rather than being placed in orphanages.”Naked Heart Foundation


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Naked Heart Foundation founder Natalia Vodianova maintains this philosophy to ensure that every child gets the two things they need to achieve a healthy and fulfilling childhood: a loving family, and a safe and stimulating place where they can play. Motivated by this philosophy, Vodianova and her team launched the Every Child Deserves a Family program in 2011.


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Naked Heart Foundation believes that when children are separated from their biological homes and stay in institutions, their development stagnates and emotional growth falls apart. Many parents are forced to give up their children despite these consequences. This is when the family support services of Every Child Deserves a Family effort comes in. Some of its projects include:

• Launching family support centers

• Hosting international forums

• Conducting competitions

• Ensuring the rights of children with disabilities through legal initiatives

• Collaborating with advocacies

• Creating educational programs involving international experts


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Having grown up as a poor little girl in Russia, Natalia Vodianova understands how important play is in the lives of kids “deprived of such basic necessity.” Today, she still continues to draw light to the children aided by Naked Heart Foundation, even bringing together bigwigs from the fashion industry to support its causes.

Business maven Alex von Furstenberg is among the many who support Naked Heart Foundation. This Twitter page shares more information about the other charities he supports.